Welcome to Aesthetes.

We can help you find the art you want. You might be keen to build a collection or maybe you don’t know exactly what it is you want – except that it has to fill the space over the fireplace! Who knows, you might just get the art bug and become the world’s greatest collector. We’re friendly and welcoming, so get in touch with any projects or requests and we’ll see how we can help.

Are you independent?


I do not live in London. Can you still help me?

Definitely, you don’t have to live here to benefit from the huge market in art and beautiful objects that exists in London. Once we know your interests and aims we can work on your behalf here.

I know nothing about art but would like to build a collection. Can you help me?

Absolutely. We welcome newcomers who wish to start an art collection. We can find out your aims and what sort of work you are interested in and then work on your behalf to build a beautiful collection or portfolio.

I require absolute discretion and privacy.

But of course!

Can you help me find a [insert anything]?!

Hopefully! However unusual we will give it a go and help you search for beautiful items anywhere*.

I am a sportsman with a new house to decorate with pictures. Can you choose and install great art without me being involved?

Certainly! Get in touch. (We can help even if you’re not a sportsman!)

I am a foreigner and will not be in London often. Can you arrange shipping to my country?

Definitely. We can be your representative in London and arrange for your purchases to ship to your home country.

*We probably wouldn’t risk going to North Korea. Then again we might.