Aesthetes – Finding art and saving you time and effort

You want to buy art but live away from London or are new to art and are unsure what to buy. You know that the art world has a reputation for being stuffy and don’t know where to get help. That’s where we come in!

We can find the art and beautiful objects that you want. We are friendly and approachable and don’t use confusing art-speak.

You can hire us to find a one-off item, or we can be involved over the longer term, finding you beautiful artworks or whatever you are searching for. Maybe you don’t quite know what you are searching for – in which case we can make suggestions and give advice.

We welcome clients who are new to the purchase of art. We are able to help, save you time and make sure that you buy beautiful things rather than just expensive things. Many salesmen will be trying to persuade you to buy their goods. As we advise and do not sell we can give you an honest opinion on the real quality of items. We can do all the searching and visiting, keeping your identity secret.

If you wish we can undertake all aspects of choosing, buying and installing work in your house or collection, saving you much effort.

With our help you can be assured that you will build a collection of great beauty of which you can be proud. We look forward to helping you.